ElectroMitry (Eng. Samir M. Gayed) accompanied by the Company Consultant headed by Prof. Emeritus Dr. M. E. Abdel Aziz, Ex-Chairman of the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, and other potential professors (Ex-Chairman of AEA) started to introduce the peaceful application of Nuclear and Radiation Technical Program in 1987 .
ElectroMitry has acquired experience and know how in the field of radiation and nuclear technology over the last 20 years. With build-up of specialized personnel, ElectroMitry has been involved in many Nuclear Projects in Egypt. 

Our Projects

Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority

ElectroMitry has always been in continuous cooperation with the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority in several projects. In addition, ElectroMitry is cooperating with the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) in an attempt to obtain clearance and legalization for food treatment by ionizing radiation.

Nuclear measurements & Radiation Monitoring ATOMTEX CO.

Scientific Production Unitary Enterprise "ATOMTEX" is the leading research and manufacturing center of the Republic of Belarus and one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of equipment for nuclear measurements and radiation monitoring.

Further Projects for ElectroMitry

ElectroMitry provided yet more and various applications on nuclear radiation technologies for different projects.

International Conferences and Cooperation

ElectroMitry has participated in many International Conferences, and several visits for scientific exchange and cooperation with different contacts

The European leader in Time Management and Time Measurement BODET CO.

ElectroMitry is leading in Supplying Clock Systems Network in Egypt for the biggest foundations. As a Sole agent for the leading French corporate Bodet.

GAMMACELL Blood Irradiators

ElectroMitry supplied Blood Irradiators to several Governmental & Private Hospitals and Blood Banks. In addition, ElectroMitry still maintains and updates mostly all blood Irradiators installed in Egypt.


The best, most reliable and newest technology of blood Irradiation, ElectroMitry as a sole agent for RAD Source Co. provides now the best technology in class for blood Irradiation.

Navigation Aids with Pharos Marine, Inc.

As the agent for Pharos Marine Automatic Power in the Middle East. ElectroMitry was and still in charge of supplying, installing and maintenance of the various navigation aid projects in Egypt.

Upgrade of the Meteor Burst Monitoring System

ElectroMitry was in charge of upgrading the Meteor Burst Monitoring System (14 remote stations) in the Gulf of Aqaba & Sharm El-Sheikh in cooperation with Meteor Communications Corporation MCC USA.

Further Projects

ElectroMitry carried out more projects in separate fields as waste treatment, Security systems and providing Stadium Seats.


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